Client Experience

image1This is still a “people” business and at ARC, we realize that successful business relationships are grounded in personal relationships. Unlike large brokers who treat their clients as commodities, every one of our clients is important to us. We will not transfer your account to a “servicing center” located in another part of the country, to people who are unfamiliar with your operations. At ARC, an experienced and dedicated team who intimately knows the aviation insurance market, and more importantly your aviation exposures, will serve as your advocate.

Many Property & Casualty Agents/Brokers “dabble” in aviation insurance, but do not truly understand the coverage or have relationships with the aviation underwriters/carriers that are necessary to achieve superior results for their clients. Since we focus 100% of our efforts on the aviation insurance industry, an integral part of our day is spent talking with the major aviation insurance underwriters, reviewing coverage’s and negotiating terms. Our daily involvement and exposure to market trends and underwriters affords us a better understanding of the aviation insurance market and coverage in order to secure for you the most comprehensive and competitive terms.

We believe that to be the most effective advocate for you, we must be independent from the insurance underwriting community. This independence allows us to assure our clients that we are always working for their best interest. However, being “independent” does not mean ARC will become a barrier between our client and their underwriter. We believe strongly in developing and maintaining a positive relationship between the client and the underwriter.

image3With ARC, you can expect an uncompromising level of service. We will be proactive in addressing your concerns and anticipating your needs. We want to be more than a provider and arranger of insurance. We desire to be your risk management advisor. We can conduct a total review of your business operations, examine all of your existing aviation contracts and recommend changes. We can perform this review in partnership with your general counsel or we can recommend other leading national aviation law firms.

ARC has made strategic alliances with some of the largest and most respected Independent Insurance Agencies and Brokers around the country in order to assist our clients and provide them with a comprehensive solution to their overall insurance needs.